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Are you Frustrated trying to find new clients, or sell to current ones?

Is it painful attempting to write the content needed to get clicks converted to actual sales?

This is what is needed today to generate real revenue.




My name is James,

I am not your usual marketing agency or company. 

 I specialise in Building E-mail and social media projects to resonate with your target audience and drive measurable results. 

Take action, Schedule a free call, bridge the gap, it will change your business forever.

Justice Scale

Where it all started 

Before I started this company I was training to be a solicitor in the corporate and business sphere.

Having graduated with a first class degree in law I decided to use my unique combination of legal and marketing expertese to take businesses to their next level and beyond.

Get your communication and influence wrong in todays world and your business will struggle to survive. 

The need for communication and influence has never been more prominent than in todays hectic world. Most businesses struggle with this the most. 

 I partner with Businesses to bridge the gap.

You can struggle to survive in this cutthroat world where everyone fights for your customers attention, OR bridge the gap and see your business truly grow. 

Man in Suit


Copywriting/Digital marketing and Law 

Copywriting and law seem like vastly different careers but they are very intertwined. See below how I can take drive your business to new and consistent revenue.

Meet the owner

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